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Chambreslifestyle by Chambres Sweden



Soft is the baby,soft is our new MiniMe kimono.   We heard it from so many of you. Your little darlings won’t let go of it. Your favorite became their favorite. They sleep in it, they carry it with them as a blanket, they wear it to sense your scent. So why not give them their own little piece of happiness? We created MiniMe with the same inspiration as we created your favorite Kelly kimono. The only difference is the ...
Traveling with Ease

Traveling with Ease

“I get ideas about what’s essential when packing my suitcase.” - Diane von Furstenberg Traveling with Ease As a comfort junky, I want to be able to travel in clothes that are both comfortable and elegantly presentable. What?! … is that possible? Yes. It feels like traveling has become more stressful and expensive these days. The last thing I want to feel is that my clothes are bunching up on me and rough as I sit on planes, busses or trains...
Woman Found Napping ...

Woman Found Napping ...

 “There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even of the briefest, than in all the alcohol ever distilled.” - Ovid     If you’re like most people you believe that napping or lounging is for lazy people … or children. I invite you to reconsider this idea. It’s never been more important to practice relaxation techniques and apply them everyday. In Spanish-speaking countries, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Spain itself th...

Lets grow together

        Nancy @saadnance nominated Christina Saliba, @christina_saliba. Christina is CEO of PR and personal branding at Invest in Her. She believes that female leadership is the way forward to a more equal society and we like this. Of Lebanese and Swedish descent she is an agent for change and creates opportunities for women by investing in products and services that strengthen their ownership. We flow in alignment with these values and look f...
eye-mask and best seller Natalie dress By Chambres Sweden

Chambres Eye-mask

HOLIDAY POWER NAP The Eye mask Our silky soft eye mask will be essential to your daily life. At bedtime it will ease you into a sleep and dream in no time, and you will wake up with a rested relaxed feeling. If a quick nap is in your daily routines, the eye mask helps shut out daylight so you get maximum value out of your 15 or 20 minutes of rest. On a flight you wear it to sleep well and ...
The Scarf - Your Best Investment

The Scarf - Your Best Investment

    Scarfen - din bästa investering Bilden  Joy Maxi Dress & Scarf Vad vore livet utan en älskad scarf? Ingen accessoar är väl lika användbar, året om. Nu i sommarvärmen är den ett självklart sällskap på solresan och till badstranden. I höst blir den en självklar och värmande accessoar till ytterplagg.   Res stilfullt med scarfen i beredskap när det känns kallt på planet. Lättpackad i handbagaget. Självklar styling är scarfen som sarong...


We are delighted to announce the launch of Chambres by Anitha, the special collection of wireless bras we have co-created with the wonderful Swedish lifestyle blogger, writer and actor Anitha Schulman.


This is the first Chambres bra, and we have taken an Ayurvedic approach to produce a soft, wireless style for perfect, naturally contoured comfort.


The bras are available in our signature colourway of back and champagne and deep dark blue, which was chosen by Anitha. Anitha’s sport bra is one of our favourites.


Anitha has long been a fan of Chambres and she gave birth to her first son in one of our kimonos. We are so pleased with the results of our co-creating with Anitha

Any location,and occation.