Chambres’ Moment in CURVEXPO

Evidently, nothing is more relaxed elegance, healthy lifestyle, nature and sports than searching for inspiration in a place that offers all of that: California.

We brought Chambres to United States this year! The Chambres Lounge Wear has blossomed into a lifestyle. All the more reason to present us in USA. A magnificent location, a wide palette of colors and models.

As an original luxury loungewear brand from Europe, we persist in offer our product in high quality, no limit by time and occasion and high-tech fabrics giving a silky touch. 24/7 - timeless and effortless style.

We are pleased so hear your voice from you!

1. What is the most important feature loungewear should have?
  • Comfort
  • Look attractive
  • Brand name
  • Have special features for temperature control
  • Price
  • Other (you can leave your opinion in comment) 
2. Which style of loungewear would you be most likely to buy?
  • Silk teddy
  • Kimono
  • Maxi slip
  • Pyjama jumpsuit
  • Cami set
  • Jersey set
  • Baby doll
  • Jersey/nightie
  • Other (you can leave your opinion in comment)
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