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Strength and Fragility Wrapped Up in One Garment

Strength and Fragility Wrapped Up in One Garment

“The Kimono is more than a robe. It’s a spirit.” - Ahu Smith  The Kimono. A fashion icon. Timeless. One of a kind beauty. The classic kimono continues to inspire us. Originally, "kimono" was the Japanese word for clothing. Throughout Japanese history, the kimono has had many lives. From Samurai clans wearing identifiable kimonos representing their Lords to the art and ceremonies of the Geisha, kimonos are genderless.  These days western cultur...

Lets grow together

        Nancy @saadnance nominated Christina Saliba, @christina_saliba. Christina is CEO of PR and personal branding at Invest in Her. She believes that female leadership is the way forward to a more equal society and we like this. Of Lebanese and Swedish descent she is an agent for change and creates opportunities for women by investing in products and services that strengthen their ownership. We flow in alignment with these values and look f...